I believe many people are unhappy today because they only want to commit to things that are easy or convenient. This saddens me because these people often cheat themselves out of the rewards God has for them in life. If they would be willing to put forth some effort, they could experience some amazing benefits.

It is very clear in scripture that God wants to prosper and bless His children in so many areas of life. Sometimes God requires us to walk through some difficult things, because he knows that building character through diligence will enable us to enjoy the reward of our efforts when it comes. There are no rewards for starting something; there are no rewards for quitting. But if you will remain diligent, you will receive your rewards.

If you are diligent you can expect rewards. Doing something the right way one time will not necessarily bring rewards. But doing the same thing over and over diligently will produce a reward over time. People who receive God’s rewards are those who remain diligent when those around them give up, lose their enthusiasm and quit.

I have heard it said, “There is no such thing as a drive-through breakthrough”! You can get a drive- through burger or a drive-through drink; but you don’t have the option of drive-through rewards from God. There are no shortcuts with Him. If you want a reward, you will have to be diligent and work for it.

In most cases, people whom we refer to as “blessed” did not start there. They have faced many challenges and struggles along the way, yet they have been diligent to remain faithful in their commitments and because of their diligence God has been able to bless them. I want to encourage you today to remain diligent in your commitments and responsibilities in everyday life. Whether it is in your job, your school, your relationships with friends and family, your church, and especially your commitment to God; remember that God will reward you as you persevere. His rewards may not come in the form you expect or in the way you expect, but they will come as you remain diligent. Waiting patiently and expectantly is a part of remaining diligent. Whatever you are believing God to bring to pass in your life, be patient, enjoy the journey, and remain diligent.

Will you be determined that no matter what happens in life, you will not give up? The choice is yours, but I can promise you this, whatever you have to overcome to achieve your goals and enjoy the success God has for you will be worth it.
Be determined; be diligent!!