When I read God’s Word one of the recurring themes I pick up on is security. Being secure means we have the assurance and knowledge of being safe in Jesus’ arms. This assurance allows us to overcome fear. We gain this assurance as we grow in our relationship with Christ. As God becomes bigger in our lives, worry becomes smaller. The elevation of God in our lives helps us line up our values and put all other fears in their place. Jesus is the only security that will keep us from fearing and worrying about the unseen. When we are secure in Christ, we don’t have to fear. When we don’t fear, we don’t have to worry.
I remember when I was a child and wanting to learn new things that required me to take greater risks. Climbing trees on my own or riding my bike without my training wheels were big steps for a small boy. There was always risk involved. What if I fell out of the tree or what if I fell of the bike? Fear would often try and stop me from these new frontiers. I would try and be brave, but sometimes I could only climb so high or ride my bike so fast. I wanted to move beyond these limitations but I didn’t feel safe so I would only go so high or pedal so fast. It’s funny though as I think back on these moments because I recall if my father were nearby I felt safe. The risk of falling was still there, but the fear was extinguished by the safety my heart felt because my father was close at hand.
The same is true with our Heavenly Father. The elevation of God in our lives helps us line up our values and put all other fears in their place. That worry and fear are now replaced with trust. Where fear separates, trust brings together. Where fear blurs, trust clarifies. Where fear disconnects us, trust re-engages us. No, everything won’t make sense, but it won’t have to. We won’t have to try to make sense out of chaos, but, instead, we can trust that God is in it with us. He will strengthen us and help us. He will hold us in His hand. He is that good. You can be secure in that. You can trust that.
Today ask God to make you aware of the areas you don’t find security in Him. Allow the Holy Spirit to defeat fear and replace it with security and trust in God.
“When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.”
Psalm 56:3