Elisha’s life seemed full of strange and ridiculous moments. One of the strangest comes in 2 Kings 6:1-7. In this passage we find a group of prophets cutting down trees with axes that will be used to build new homes. One of prophets loses his ax head into the water and he becomes upset because it was borrowed. Elisha responds by taking a stick and throwing it into the place in the water where the ax head fell. The ax head immediately floats back to the surface. When you first read this story, it may seem like there is no purpose to it, but there is much to learn from this story. God cares about what you’ve lost. No concern is too small to our God, even a lost ax head.
What have you lost? Have you lost a blessing, a relationship, peace, financial strength, your reputation, or something else? The good news is that God cares so much about whatever you’ve lost that He can help you recover what you’ve lost. God can help you find what you lost by beginning to look at where it fell. Go back to where you got off track and allow God to help put you back on track. You may need to stop something and start doing something different. Your ax head isn’t gone; it’s just where you left it.