On my desk there is a little card that reads, “No Christian is greater than his prayer life.” I have come to a gripping realization over the course of the past many years, that prayer is probably one of the greatest contributions we can make to advance the Kingdom of Christ.
Yet, we as Christians seldom capitalize on this resource. Surveys show the average Christian prays 15 to 30 minutes a week, yet watch TV an average of 3 hours per day. If the statement, “No Christian is greater than his prayer life,” is true, then it would explain, in part, why so many believers live in such lack.

If you had the opportunity to read my previous blog, I talked a little about what I wanted to accomplish this year in my own spiritual journey. One of the things I discussed was to return to the place where God is my source of strength instead of me trying to be the boss of my own universe (this will really stress you out). I want to continue to look to Jesus’ example of how I should live, act and respond in life. The scripture reveals Jesus was a person given to prayer. Jesus taught more concerning prayer than any other topic other than money. Jesus prayed a lot! Jesus prayed consistently! I sincerely believe for us to move forward into all that God has for us, we must maintain some consistency. For example, it’s not good enough for you to open a savings account and sporadically make deposits into it. It is great that you started on. It is great that you make contributions to it. Yet it will only grow and enlarge as you remain consistent. Another example of this is the old tale of the Tortoise and the Hare. The rabbit, which is obviously the faster of the two, was overconfident, and did not pay attention to the race. Although the turtle was slow, he was consistent, and as a result, his seemingly “insignificant” effort paid off in a big way.

Know this, PRAYER WORKS!! I realize you may be or may have been discouraged by unanswered prayer at some point in time and now you are reluctant to pray for fear of that feeling of failure and disappointment. But I want to encourage you today to not let past failures dictate your actions and responses. God is continually working in ways in which we are unaware. An example of God’s hidden involvement in our lives is seen in 2 Kings 6:13-17. In this passage Elisha and his servant ran across a huge Syrian army and the servant becomes afraid. Elisha prays and asks God to open the servant’s eyes, and the servant sees that the mountain is full of God’s angelic army. AWESOME! Mature believers know that God is always working in the background, in the unseen realm on their behalf even when they can’t feel or see Him doing anything.

The power of prayer cannot be underrated! When God created the atom, He bound it together with a powerful force called the nuclear attraction force. This force is 3 x 10E39 times more powerful than the force of gravity. (3 x 10E39 is written as 3 with 39 zeros after it.)
The next time you are discouraged because of a complex and overwhelming problem, remember the atom. Think about the tremendous power God applied to this small object. This same power is available to us when we commit a problem to God.