When I was growing up my home life was often turbulent. My father and mother fought (the bad kind) and my dad began to drink and do drugs during my early teen years in my parents marriage. This resulted in strive, anger and deep hurts. By the time I reached my late teens and early twenties, I had become a dope-head myself. I was addicted to drugs, a life of constant partying and self-gratification. I was trapped! In the late hours of the night as I lay in my bed, I would pray for God to help me. To deliver me!  I felt lonely, confused and lost. I was not happy with who I had become. I would try to stop my lifestyle, but I was always powerless to overcome.

You can overcome with God!

Maybe you’re in a situation that feels the same way. You feel hopeless, lonely and powerless. You feel trapped by your bad choices or current circumstances. If that is you, I have some good news for you today. You can overcome with God! All you have to do is humble yourself and pray a simple, honest, heartfelt prayer for God to help you. That’s what I did. God heard my sincere and honest heart. The scripture says, He is your ever present help in time of need!! When I opened my heart and laid aside my pride, God was able to move. That night in my bed I was delivered from years of drug and alcohol use. Freed from my destructive habit patterns! I was now free to pursue my destiny and to know my Heavenly Father.
I want to encourage you today by proclaiming to you, You Can Too With God!